Welcome to the Mini-horses in Hawaii site. I started this site simply as a way to document my journey with miniature horses on Hawaii Island and to share what I’ve learned along the way with others. I also started a Facebook page, Hawaii Island Miniature Horses, for those with a common interest to share information.

I’m not great at posting to either, but the network is growing. I have a small coffee and miniature horse farm in South Kona near Captain Cook and am always interested in hearing from and about other mini-owners on the island. Please feel free to join the community by following this site and the FB page or by contacting me directly.

cropped-dsc_0032.jpgThat’s my little Falabella stallion, Mr Peaberry, in the header photo above (please ignore the terrible clipping job – he actually has a lovely smooth coat). He is now standing at stud and I hope to have a foal for sale in the spring of 2018. Right now, I have one little Falabella mare named Java, pictured at left, but will be adding to the herd soon. In the future, I plan to maintain a breeding herd of three mares and offering two foals for sale each year.

And please post comments or questions to the blog page – I love chatting about the horses and figuring out solutions to the challenges that living on the island can sometimes create for horse owners.


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