Welcome to the Mini-horses in Hawaii site. I started this site simply as a way to document my journey with miniature horses on Hawaii Island and to share what I’ve learned along the way with others. I also started a Facebook page, Hawaii Island Miniature Horses, for those with a common interest to share information.

I’m not great at posting to either, but the network is growing. I have a small coffee and miniature horse farm in South Kona near Captain Cook and am always interested in hearing from and about other mini-owners on the island. Please feel free to join the community by following this site and the FB page or by contacting me directly.

cropped-dsc_0032.jpgFor those followers who know my horses, I grew my herd to seven and then reduced it by selling a mare/foal pair, and a second foal last year. Sadly, we lost one foal to rat lungworm disease in 2020. Through 2020 and 2021, my chronic health issues got the better of me, so I made the decision to get out of breeding and just keep a couple of pets. Earlier this year, I sold Mr. Peaberry, my stallion, to a good home here on Hawaii Island. Right now, I still have two little Falabella mares, Java, pictured at left, and Mocha, both of Toyland lines. They will be adding to the herd soon, as they carry my last foal crop from Mr. Peaberry. Both are due in August/September 2021. In the future, I plan to sell two of the remaining horses (after the foals arrive) and keep only two.

And please post comments or questions to the blog page – I love chatting about the horses and figuring out solutions to the challenges that living on the island can sometimes create for horse owners.

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